Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

Enjoy the Whole Balcony

How glorious is this view?If you had a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you’d of course want to be able to enjoy the whole of your outdoor space, which is why we installed this expansive LUXAFLEX® Garda Awning for our clients.

Durable to wind and the elements, this folding arm awning is perfect when you need protection from the sun whilst entertaining or simply relaxing. When you don’t need it, it folds away into the semi-cassette for a seamless and discreet finish. Our clients made it even easier by adding motorisation – all controlled by the touch of a button.

Talk to us about solutions for your outdoor living areas and make full use of your home’s living spaces.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

Resistant to Salt Spray, Heat and the Neighbours

When you live this close to the ocean, you of course want to take in the fabulous views and invigorating sea breeze. The only problem is the ongoing issue of salt spray. We knew it was going to take a durable solution in this instance for our clients, which is why we installed Luxaflex Metal Louvre Awnings.

Easy to manoeuvre, the shutters can be opened or closed to adjust the view, the breeze or the sunlight as per our clients’ needs and fancy. Even better, the proven HD COLOR-COTE® Paint System is extremely durable and suitable to the tough conditions thrown up by living by the ocean.

Protected from the elements and the neighbours, our clients couldn’t be happier. Call us if you require a durable exterior solution.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

Double the Fun

Having this fantastic outdoor living and pool area, our clients wanted to be able to use it for barbeques, swimming or relaxing whenever they wanted. The installation of these Luxaflex Sunrain awnings have given them that freedom.

Super durable and easy to operate, these awnings have enhanced the use of their outdoor space by making it available come rain, hail or shine. Luxaflex Sunrain awnings are expansive and so provide copious shade, take the heat out of the midday sun and protect the family from all the other elements – they simply make living outdoors that much easier and more enjoyable.

If you are seeking a solution for your outdoor area, talk to our team for expert advice.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

CASE STUDY: Aluminium Louvres

Aluminium Louvres are a less common choice of product than external shutters or fabric awnings in residential areas, however they can lend a distinctive and very modern look to a residence while providing external shading.

They can be fixed at an angle or adjustable, so owners can have some control for the light being allowed in. Aluminium Awnings can be powder coated to match with the customer’s tastes.

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Find out more about metal louvre awnings.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

CASE STUDY: When Your Room Becomes An Oven

We don’t shy away from the tough jobs, even the custom-made & fitted projects that have very high ceilings!

A nursing home near us had a problem – the glass enclosed atrium that would heat up when getting direct sunlight causing the tenants to be reluctant to use it. To remedy this we chose LUXAFLEX Duette skylight blinds in Architella Panache Fabric with a Translucent opacity for the best blend of insulation while still allowing the atrium to be quite a light-filled space.

Due to the structure of the atrium, there were a number of special shaped duettes that required us to head out and make templates for the factory to make. Installing these took some time and care to ensure safety was maintained and to not break the custom-sized pieces. Thankfully all went well, with the finish looking very stylish and the atrium getting much more use. Give us a call to find out how we can help on (02) 9327 5500.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

CASE STUDY: Sunrain Awnings

The Sunrain Awning installed here was to increase the utility of a courtyard area so that it could be used on extremely sunny days and even rainy days. The awning accomplishes this with a stylish look in keeping with the sophisticated decor of both the exterior and interior.

The customer was initially worried that the awning wouldn’t be feasible since they lived in a high wind area, but adding a Wind Protection System to the awning allows it to withstand some pretty intense wind speeds. The awning is therefore safe and provides the customer with exactly what they were hoping – an outdoor area to be used at any stage of the year and that suits their lovely stylish home.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your indoor-outdoor flow, contact us on (02) 9327 5500.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

CASE STUDY: Shade From Your Skylights

With this order, our customer had quite thin and long skylights in his ceiling. Both the light and the heat were coming in too strong and he wanted to reduce both. Mark quoted him for LUXAFLEX Duette Skylights.

This job was tricky as the ceiling was very high and the window was too long for one skylight to cover. We arranged the order so that the oversized windows had two skylights that met in the middle without the standard baserail so that they would close in a tight manner. The end result looks very smart and serves to provide shade on a window that other products could not cover.

If you’d like to know how you can make your skylights more energy efficient and your room more comfortable in both winter and summer, call us on (02) 9327 5500.

Window Treatment Luxaflex Sydney

CASE STUDY: No Wall, No Awning, No Problem

This home was a great job as we had to match a solution to a home with beautiful views in an exposed location with a mix of bright light and afternoon shade on the Eastern beaches. The challenge was that while it’s a fantastic space to have an awning, it’s somewhat limited by an inability to fix the traditional ceiling or wall brackets to anything in order to actually allow the customer to have one. However, with a keen eye and a bit of ingenuity, we were able to have a bracket in the roof itself which allowed the bracket to sit over the roof without impeding the gutter and ensuring there were no opportunities for water to get into the roof. In the end, this rooftop space got a wonderful awning without compromising the effectiveness of the roof or requiring any major adjustments to its design. If you’re looking for a solution to an exposed scenic location or some shade without a wall to use as a foundation, give us a call on (02) 9327 5500 and we can find a way!